I remember that day perfectly well, I knew that all the following days were going to be the same or very similar until the quarantine was over.

But let’s go back a few days, to the “normal” and routine days…

Awake since four o’clock in the morning, that was the start of the day. For many, that hour was their fifth sleep but I was ready to “perseguir la chuleta”.

Blessed half an hour drive from home to the office, it’s five in the morning and I can sleep two uncomfortable hours in the car, but believe me, it was worth it instead of wasting them driving.

It’s seven in the morning and I’m ready to go to the gym a few blocks away from my work, I have three hours to wake up my mind and body trying to be “mamadísimo”, although I knew that wasn’t going to happen.

I really enjoyed exercising, the shower accompanied with 15 minutes of steam, ufff, what a delight! That’s when the good part started, I would arrive at the office happy, with energy, eager to see my team and listen to music while we were getting urgent tasks from a bunch of clients we had.

After three months of doing that routine, despite the early mornings, sleepless nights and traffic, I was happy… of course, I’m not saying that I missed it, but that was my life, what I was used to.

I remember perfectly well that rumors about the coronavirus were beginning to be heard and I am sure I was not the only one to say: “That virus will be like the flu a few years ago”, “it will pass quickly, it will only be a few days of prevention”….

Next thing: “MOTHERFUCKERS!” Home office for at least a month! What the fuck is going on! What the fuck is going to happen! I went into shock and could not assimilate the problem that was going on.

On the way home, I started to relax, put on some music and thought about all the good things this was going to bring, I will sleep longer, take online courses or see my family every day….

WHAT, see my family 24/7?!? I’m not saying it’s bad but, it’s been years since that happened! Since I started working I see them very, very little, I hope I don’t go crazy for my siblings screaming while playing in the wee hours of the morning.

Day one was a 360º turn from what I was used to….

I knew that living all the time with my dad could get complicated, we have the exact same temper and we have argued for bullshit. There are times when I think he thinks I’m on vacation and wants us to be cleaning, to help him organize the cellar or things like that.

My siblings have been the complete opposite of what I imagined, they are always watching me work, they pay attention to the Skype meetings I have and even say they want a job like mine. Boy, they have a lot to live for….

I spent three weeks at my dad’s house and I know many will think it was a short time, but for me it was enough. Days of board games, movies in the living room with snacks and beers, those moments were really good but, it was not what I was used to, I needed my space, my bed or that Ramiro (my dog) was glued to me all the time.

Now that I am at home, with my mom, my sister Renata, my grandparents, it is like being on vacation, everything is more “relaxed”.

Obviously I miss those days with my dad, but it’s not a bad thing to make the necessary changes so that it doesn’t feel like a “prison”.

These days that I have not gone out at all, have helped me to reflect, appreciate and do all those things that before, because of time or whatever, I could not do. That when you feel that something does not go with you, you can turn it around until it makes you feel good without affecting anyone.

They have helped me to give a different value to living with my family, I am getting to know them better, now I know what they like, what they don’t like and a million other things.

I have focused on things that are really important and I try not to wear myself out thinking about problems. I’ve changed my look three times, I’ve taught my sister how to cook, my grandpa tells me stories about his childhood and I’ve even learned a new language.

Let’s not let a fucking virus fuck up our lives, let’s take advantage of the time we have to stop thinking about it and do new things, things that give a change to your days and let’s give time and space to each one of our family, surely they will also want to do the same with you.

Day one, a day to remember.