Suddenly I wake up sweating, I run to my daughter's room and see her sleeping, as an overprotective father I get close enough to see if she is breathing, I get out of there and head to my parents' room, I hear their snoring meters before I get to their room which leaves me calm, my mouth is dry, very dry.

But what did I dream, I ask myself, “fucking quarantine!”, I walk to the kitchen looking for something to drink, while I force my mind to remember and I start to remember.

In my dream I was on the sidewalk of a street, one I didn’t know, I remember someone yelling to me in a loud voice, “you should stay at home, careless idiot!”; I didn’t understand, I didn’t understand why I wasn’t at home. 

I walked one block, two, three and nobody in their car was picking me up, suddenly at a traffic light a car stopped, I ran to him and told him “sir, help me, I don’t know where I am and I have to get home”

he drove off in a panic and I was so scared.

I keep walking knocking on every possible door, everyone sees me but no one opens, they tell me that I am careless, that I should be with my family and I remember that I have a family; Without thinking about transportation and understanding that no one is going to pick me up or help me, I run to find my house, the road is long but in a moment a ray of clarity comes to me, “I’ve found my place” I think, while I notice a person next to me, he is different from the others I have met, I notice it because when I talk to him he doesn’t reject me. 

We start talking “hey how did you get here?” I ask Juan, because his name was Juan, his pin on his shirt told me, “well I am here without knowing why I am on the street, I have a family that loves me, look, this is Renata, my daughter”, he tells me while showing me a picture of a beautiful girl, and at the moment he tells me, “sorry, I have to go”, he runs off at that moment and without being able to stop him I just yell at him, take care! I keep walking, I am running out of breath and saliva, I keep knocking on all the doors I find and nobody opens and there… that’s when I wake up.

With a devilish thirst I head for the kitchen and think “how good it is to be home safe, with my girl, my wife and my folks”, what a relief. I get to the kitchen, my mouth even drier and when I open the fridge I realize there is no juice of the kind I like, “holy shit!” and after a long moment of silence I think, “but of course, there’s Rappi, Uber Eats and all the apps on my cell. ” and at that moment I reflect that by ordering something on those apps, I put someone in the street; me, the puritan who says on Facebook, “pinches pendejos, stay home” and, I realize that I am just as much of an asshole as the people I criticize.