By: Rafael Pérez / May 2021

Definition (there are many, but we have this one): an influencer is a person with credibility on a specific topic and in a specific community who has managed to stand out on digital channels.

The figure of the influencer, who has burst with overwhelming force in the marketing world, is the clearest representation of the radical change that is taking place in the relationship between consumers and brands.

The figures are overwhelming and difficult to digest, but there they are; between 2016 and 2019 investments in this very particular type of marketing increased from 1,700 million to 6,600 million dollars and during 2020 exceeded 10,000. It is estimated that by 2022 this industry will move more than 15,000 million and by 2024 will be around 23,000 million dollars, reaching 36,800 million in 2027.

In view of the above, it seems that the solution to find new reliable partners that generate a real positive and measurable impact on the business, is to look for agencies that have the following characteristics:

Nano influencers, microinfluencers, mid influencers, mega influencers and celebrities, either specialized in specific topics and niches or dedicated to something broader such as “lifestyle”, allow us today to hyper-segment our markets and reach with the desired message and credibility to a large number of our consumers, loyal and potential, emotionally hooked with this or that influencer.

In this way, something that started organically as a trend, with new tracking methods, variable fees by objectives and other strategies to measure the ROI in leads, interactions, views, visits and sales, interactions, views, visits and sales, is becoming one of the most powerful marketing tools of the 21st century.

Given all the above, I would dare to say that the influencer industry is definitely influencing how the market and business move and will move in the coming years and that, without a doubt, if we want to keep up the pace, we must begin without delay to decline very seriously the verb to influence.

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