By: Rafael Pérez / July 2019

As of August 1st, Cajeta Coronado, Mexico’s sweet par excellence, joins the agency’s portfolio.

It was 1927 when Don José Hernández Guerra, owner of Hacienda Coronado, decided to commercialize cajeta based on the family’s secret recipe. Who would have thought that on that day the #1 brand of the Mexican sweet par excellence would be created.

But today, Cajeta Coronado not only makes families happy at the table, but also outside of it. Through its work and as a whole, it is the main source of income for more than 1,500 goat milk producing families in the country.

This is how the tradition of one family became the tradition of many Mexican homes, putting a little more of the goodness in every spoonful of Cajeta Coronado. And it is this brand, Coronado, which joined Bimbo S.A. de C.V.’s portfolio in 1995, that today joins the agency to continue developing a shared vision between client and agency:

“To be a company in constant innovation, where the spirit for creating new and better ideas becomes a philosophy of life, where we all participate proactively to guarantee useful results for our clients and our people, conquering together new markets and businesses without borders, remaining in the taste and preference of the most demanding consumers.”

Today, Ganem Mexico is an agency where innovation is religion, creativity is its credo, Creating Value its mantra, and its ultimate purpose to positively impact people’s lives. Ganem Mexico is at the perfect intersection between creativity and business results.


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