When I knew the situation was going to get worse, only my family came to my mind. Them over there. And me here... Alone.

One day you wake up and, suddenly, you can no longer go out, or do your grocery shopping as you normally would. Everything is urgent, everything must be fast, cautious. One day you wake up and all you find is chaos.

That’s how I spent a couple of days, organizing my time and planning my getaway. I needed to go see my parents, my sister, my grandmother and “mi guapo” (my beautiful, furry cat).

I enlisted the help of my boyfriend, or rather, his car. I didn’t want to get into a bus and put myself at risk of contagion. In an hour and a half we were at my parents’ house.

That moment when you feel complete and safe, because you are with your loved ones. It was a weekend to enjoy ourselves: a movie, a game of dominoes, how about a “pulquito”?

I didn’t want to go back, but the Wi-Fi there is not the best and doing home office would have been a complete failure.

Sooner or later it would be time to leave. And there we were.

It was nine o’clock on a Sunday night that seemed like any other. Everything was already in the trunk. I said goodbye to my sister who as always ignored me because she was texting with her friends. I went out to the backyard to see “mi guapo”. Then I hugged my abuelita, who remained with crystal eyes and I with a broken heart. I gave a kiss to daddy, who kept giving me precise instructions on how to take care of myself. Then, it was my mother’s turn, I approached and, in her role as nurse (the best in the world, by the way), she said to me…..

“I don’t want you to come again.” I kept quiet, I felt my chest sink. She continued… “Don’t take it the wrong way, I just don’t want you to risk it, to risk us. We’ll see each other again soon. Take care.” She looked into my eyes lovingly and smiled.

Ah, shit! I never thought she would say something like that to me, but I understood, although it didn’t hurt. Now we just had to wait and be strong. “It won’t be long now, mommy”.

P.S. Fuck you, COVID!