Dear diary, I haven't written in you for a long time, in fact, I don’t even pay attention to you, but today it's worth it, they keep breaking my heart.

Since this confinement thing started, I adapted a space at home away from where I sleep, because who doesn’t love their bed, and where nothing would distract me to do the already known home office but, oh surprise, I could not isolate myself completely because at my age of almost a señora I am still the daughter of a family, anyway, all this led me to realize that the days may pass and my mom and my sisters will continue to give their own meaning to what I do.

Among my multiple activities as a Creative Copy who works in an advertising agency and lives on the computer, the cell phone and the different apps to make a successful call, there is one in particular where I noticed that my mom is very participative, she even gets excited, and it is as if I were the teacher and she were the student who raises her hand to participate; I mute the microphone, turn to see her and she asks, “can I speak?”, and I, smiling, say “yes mom”. The surprising thing is that she has come up with good ideas.

The three of them have shown a lot of interest in knowing what each strange word they have heard me say means, they come to see how much I am doing and if they see an artwork that catches their attention, they even ask to see it; I thought it would be a good opportunity to set up a meeting of presentations, one of those that have become fashionable lately, so we would have a chance to know what we do in our daily lives.

“Hey, since we have some free time, let’s put together a Power Point presentation that talks about what we do, for example: I’ll tell you what I do in my job. Make it pretty, put some love into it and prepare how you are going to tell us about it and we’ll see you in the living room on Saturday at 6 pm. If you have any questions, you can find me in my cubicle. Best regards (Emoji, emoji, emoji).” I wrote to them via WhatsApp and they all accepted.

The day of the appointment arrived, the rules were given, among them, that at the end of each presentation there would be a space for questions and answers. My mom started and told us about her work at the hospital, how she prepares her consultations and some anecdotes, then Paulina, the youngest, told us about Contemporary Dance and all the exercises she has to do to make a grand écart, pas de bourrée and all those positions; Ali, the middle one, continued, she shared some vocalization and diaphragm exercises to reach the notes in her opera classes; believe me, it’s hard to hold your breath. 

Finally it was my turn, I felt excited; I told them about the brief, the areas, the conceptualization, a bit of terminology, some brands and the famous “peloteo”, at the end I was happy because they already knew what is done in advertising.

The next day I was sitting next to my mom, we were finishing breakfast and her cell phone rang, it was a notification, she opened it and showing me the screen, she exclaimed “look, this Liverpool ad is very nice, have you seen it Shai?

Yes, I imagined my face and I still can’t assimilate it; it is clear to me that in this house there are things that will never change.