By: Alex Flores / June 2023

Shopper marketing is a fundamental strategy for brands, as it has become a priority within effective strategies to increase sales.

Here are three basic requirements to achieve it:

1. Consumer knowledge
The success of any marketing strategy must be based 100% on understanding what our shopper needs and wants. This means placing the buyer first and doing everything possible to meet their needs. By doing this, you will ensure that your campaign is specifically designed for your target audience and that it adapts to their needs and preferences.

2. Creativity
Marketing tactics need to be much more appealing as they should focus on what the shopper wants, needs, and likes. Shifting from promoting the product to caring about the consumer and creating an attractive shopping experience. This can be reinforced with different types of displays to capture the shopper’s attention. One of the most cost-effective types is independent displays, which draw attention to a specific product without requiring many resources. Always remember that the visibility of your product at the point of sale makes a difference. Everything you do must reflect the image, values, and personality of your brand.

3. Evaluation and adjustment
To determine if everything has gone as planned, measurements should be carried out. Through them, we can determine if the strategy worked as expected or if it requires adjustments.

Creating a successful shopper marketing campaign is not an easy task, but by considering these three basic requirements, you can develop a strategy that improves your brand’s presence in the market and increases your sales.

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