By: Rafael Pérez / June 2019

In an increasingly difficult scenario in the business world caused by the multiplicity of points of contact, the hyper segmentation of audiences, the increase in necessary costs to be relevant in the POS and the constant increase in costs of both inputs and distribution, the old scheme of traditional network agencies, with its multiplication of specialties and with them the multiplication of over heads, the old scheme of the traditional network agencies, with its multiplication of specialties and with them the multiplication of over heads, their decreasing level of talent due to interoffice fees and the need to achieve growth objectives that do not match the level of inflation in the countries where they operate, seems no longer to be the solution that clients need and are looking for today, even those multinational clients on which they have relied until now. 

The issue of decreasing trust in direct communication from brands, the total transparency of networks, the gradual but steady shift from being just a consumer to now also being an activist, and therefore the need to have a two-way conversation, are the main spark plugs that fuel the engine of success of this type of new relationship.

Better talent.
By not having to repatriate fees to any central house, independent agencies can now have greater resources to hire and attract the best talent. Greater involvement and a higher level of involvement. Normally the independent agency is managed by its own owner, which gives it a degree of attention and interest in its clients’ business that does not exist in the network agency.

Lower Costs.
Overheads are usually much more modest in independent agencies.

Greater operational flexibility.
In today’s changing world, the independent agency can test all kinds of service solutions on the fly without the heavy burden of centralized decisions characteristic of networks.


Greater integration of proposals.
Normally an independent agency tends to present complete business solutions and is characterized by its capacity, from the strategy and creativity of the brand, to lead the rest of the disciplines even if it does not have them in house. This allows a greater synergy of the whole project and fewer points of contact to be coordinated by the client.

In the specific case of Ganem Mexico, it is a fully integrated agency that offers its clients complete solutions from strategy to execution and media planning, both in online and offline campaigns. The information and knowledge of trends, new ways to face and design strategies, new technologies and success stories, which could be an important differential in favor of the networks, are now in the networks, are perfectly within reach of any independent agency and most importantly, free of charge. For all these reasons, it seems that the creativity, involvement, costs and flexibility of independent agencies make them much more competitive than network agencies for many clients.


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